It's Yoann ya'll -When was the last time u bitches saw him?

 Girls It has being such a long time since a Yoann post. I Miss him and his FOIIINESS su fucking much.

PWMC - pics with mycaptions. :)

Kids first

Video evidenc. So f*ck*ng cute

On with our pics
I hate Shamak. not true but Yo luvs him

Skin time. Yo ur going to heaven, u alway give us what we like.

Yo-Do we need to have this conversation again?

Yo- thats why relationships don't work for me.

Why the hell is loling @ Yo's back



Don't feel bad gurls, Cedric is suffering 2 :)

Luuucky kid, cus only an inocent kid can survive him.

Yo- I know they mad cus I wasn't hanging out in a beach this summer, but when winter comes U'll see.

He rly has some amazing legs

UNF. UNF. UNF. Fucking wtr mork >:0

Yo got awards btchz. Aparently its C-Ronaldo burning in a cauldron. thats what somebody said.

Yoan- How am I gonna melt their ovaries this season?

U HAVE TO HTE SHAMAK. Look 2 Yoann's hand.

From right to left- Dude #1, LoLo. Dude#2, 4 The UNF GQmf.

Since he was a kid, he has being SUGAR, SPICE & EVERYTHING NICE. So much cute on this pic fux danmed

Yo & Papa Christian

Papa Christian - Yoan Wtf are those pants? Don't u make those girls mad.


this post has being aproved by BBojan. Who was lurking on the side during Yoann's training. :)

Enjoy it  & tanx for ya time gurls. :)